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Raising venture capital or fundraising for corporate clients is one of Forest's strengths. Forest has managed hundreds of corporate portfolios and more than half of these corporations are involved in very promising businesses.

Many of these corporations engaged Forest's expertise in raising venture capital in all or some stages of their development. Some have had great success and have been listed on offshore stock exchanges while some have been listed onshore. Many are still growing and hunger for more venture capital. Without sufficient capital, a small company cannot grow its operation and turnover to a level that fulfills IPO requirements. No matter how profitable a corporation is, if it doesn't have enough capital to expand, it can never reach its full potential. IPO is almost every corporation's dream because its value can increase by tens of folds once it has been launched successfully.

Fund Raising

Forest knows most of these corporations inside out because we were involved from the day they started their businesses, which include incorporation, tax, accounting, and financial planning.

Funds are raised through:

  • Loans
  • Share dilution or pre-IPO share placement
  • A combination of several financial instruments

Funds are raised from:

  • Non-financial institution
  • Private Clients
  • Financial institution

Raised Offshore

There is much money in the offshore market. From 1995 to 2009, offshore financing and funding has increased almost 150-fold. The amount of funding that flows offshore has almost doubled every year. More and more people want to invest offshore, get their returns offshore, grow their businesses offshore, and keep their money offshore. The reasons are obvious.

The fact remains that venture capital raised offshore is becoming more and more powerful as years go by. These activities used to be reserved for large institutions and very wealthy individuals many years ago but more and more opportunities are opening up for private clients and Forest is one of the few institutions that are pioneering such efforts.

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