Who needs Asset Protection

Almost Everyone

Almost everyone needs asset protection. People sometimes have the misconception that in order to engage with asset protection services, they need to have a significant amount of wealth. People with assets should learn how to protect them regardless of the amount of liability that they have. In reality, the higher your liability and risk exposure the more compelling the reason to protect your assets.

If you have personal assets you simply need to protect them, just like you need to protect your children, your family, and your health.

In this economy, the threat of creditors taking your assets is real and frightening and transcends all levels of personal wealth, from the very rich to the just-starting-out. All types of people, with all types of assets, need asset protection.

Check if you need asset protection

You need asset protection if:

  • you are facing a lawsuit;
  • you are in a profession with a high degree of liability (doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, landlord, real estate developer, real estate investor);
  • you are a debtor and/or a guarantor;
  • you face a potential tax or other government liability;
  • you have accumulated, or are about to receive, significant wealth (e.g., inheritance, investment, or business success);
  • the value of your home has been reduced to less than the amount of your mortgage;
  • you are having trouble meeting your mortgage or other loan repayments;
  • you are concerned about losing your job or your business;
  • you have excessive credit card or business debt;
  • the value of your retirement plan and investment portfolio has fallen to the extent that your most valuable asset is now your home;
  • you are concerned about the financial viability of your business.

Clearly, all types of people need asset protection, from professionals who have worked hard to build up their practices and client base, to captains of industry who face personal liability for their business affairs, to ordinary people who face financial hardship.

Asset protection is crucial for many different people, for many reasons, all united by a common goal: to keep their assets for themselves and their families, and not to be exposed to greedy creditors, aggressive litigants, and others seeking to deprive people of their hard-earned assets.

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