How it Works

Range of Procedures

It works through a range of procedures from simple methods such as setting up an offshore corporation to complicated structures that utilize many special-purpose vehicles. It can be established with yourself acting as the corporation director and shareholder up to utilizing offshore lawyers to act as your nominees.

Working Together

We work with you to examine and understand your personal situation and to advise you on the immediate and long-term actions that you can take to protect your assets and yourself.

Independent Offshore Specialists

We have experts who specialize in the field of utilizing offshore advantages for asset protection; we have full access to the best offshore investment, trust, banking, and company formation services available and can place them at your disposal.


Ultimately, there are many considerations and decisions to be made, all related to the client's needs and the circumstances that may arise:

  • Choice of trust, corporate, banking, and other services;
  • Choice of global investment opportunities and asset classes;
  • Choice of investment structures and domiciles;
  • Choice of the degree of direct involvement an investor elects to exercise in the portfolio management process;
  • Choice of complementary consulting, planning, and strategy services

We walk through all the details with our private clients. Once we understand your current situation, your needs, your problems, and your objectives; we are able to offer you choices of solutions and advise you on the pros and cons of each of them. Forest has been an offshore financial service specialist since the early 90s.

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