Forest International Group Ltd.

Asset Protection launched in 2005

Over the years, we have been managing and overseeing the operation of hundreds of active business structures for a wide variety of corporate clients worldwide. In 2005, Forest started offering asset protection services to private clients and this sector of business has grown substantially since then.

Generate Profit

Forest International Group is not involved in any investment activity and is strictly prohibited by law from doing so. As a provider of financial service solutions, it serves to protect all its clients in a trustee capacity and only facilitates and provides advice on client transactions. Forest generates profits through transactions, consultations, and service fees.

The Forest group is a result-driven, entrepreneurial, and self-motivated team that works unwaveringly to help clients manage their assets and financial growth. Our combination of in-depth investment knowledge, practical business experience, and an innovative approach contribute to the outstanding work that we perform for our satisfied clients.

based in Hong Kong

Forest is currently based in Hong Kong. It has its own Information Technology, Corporate Services, Human Resources, Account & Financial Services, and Legal & Compliance departments.

Many people believe that integrity is more imporant than money. Forest has been conducting business for a decade by believing in this. In brief, this corporation and its employees aim to provide the best service to its stakeholders, clients, and partners.

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